We are happy to see our guests at ease during their stay. Every praise prods us to,

make every other guest just as content as its antecessor.


We slept so much better at your Hotel, compared to all other Hotels, we’ve been to in France and Italy during our holidays. Somehow, they don’t set value on good sleep.
— Family from Denmark, July 2014

We were very happy to still get a room at your Hotelomat, as we arrived very late at night.
— Motorcyclists, May 2014

Travelling with three kids is always a challenge. But we found all in one at your Hotel: beautiful rooms, a parking slot, a gas station, and a restaurant with 24hours service every day.
— Family from Norway, May 2014

My collegue and I checked in at the Hotelaomat yesterday night. My job requires from me to travel a lot, and I checked in many times at Hotelomats. The price is great and the rooms are very nice.
— Business traveller, June 2014

When its late at night, and one can’t drive anymore, one is happy to get any room. I was surprised to find such a beautiful, and quiet room, just next to the motorway.
— Business traveller, February 2014


Improvement with critique


We know about the risques and consequences of organisational blindness. Therefore we are happy about all kinds of proposals and suggestions from your part.

– For us, our guests are the best management consultants we can imagine. Thank you! 

It would be great, if you would also offer non-smoking rooms at the Check-In Automat.
— Business traveller, June 2014

Since June we can satisfy our non smoking guests as well, thanks to the readjustment of our Hotelomat software.


Unfortunately, we dont have a credit card and could not check in at the hotelomat one time. It would be awsome, if there would be another way to check-in as well, when the reception is closed.
— Regulars, October 2011

Thanks to our cooperation with the OMV Truck stop, our guests can pay cash or with their credit card without pin since November 2011.


We aware oft he fact that it would be very expensive if the reception would be open all night through, and that these costs would affect the room prices as well. Yet we would appreciate to encounter someone at the desk, even if its a bit late at night. We appreciate personal contact very much.
— Regulars, July 2014

The opening hours of our reception are extended until 10pm at night since August 2014.


Critique, recommendations and improvement suggestions

If you have something in mind we could work on to improve your stay at our hotel,

please feel free to write to us.

Thank you very much for your attention, effort, and time.