Umweltsiegel Gold


The Hotel Residenz holds the environmental seal of gold. The state government of Bavaria is known for awarding this seal to Hotels and catering entreprises which carry environmental management by exception.

36 companies received the environmental seal in 2013. All company names can be found under the database Since 1999 Hotel Residenz is part of it. 2013 it was awarded the golden seal for environmental awareness for the fifth time in a row.

Here are some of the environmental efforts of our Hotel, which can also serve for health and well being of our guests:


Network activation/demand switches in all rooms, serve to provide a healthy sleep free from elektrosmog. 

• We produce our own electricity and heat in our block heating works– the high efficiency of these block heating works allows for fewer environmental damage. 

• In 1992 we installed a solar heating system, which we expanded further in 2001 and 2011.

• An air heater pump produces heat from the surrounding air, and uses it for water and heating systems- also on cold days.

• We regularly heat our water with high temperature, in such a way that all Legionelles will be mortified. Furthermore, an annual test supervises our water. On demand, the resulting lab report can be brought before you at the reception.

• You may spend your afternoons walking or jogging on our forest routes just next to the Hotel Residenz. In the offing we can provide you a map with all forest routes and pathways.